CFL The Magic


CFL The Magic

CFL - The Magic (in Hindi)

(For All Age Groups)

📅 Starts from the first day of every month (You can join us any day in between the month!)

🕚 Everyday at 6:00AM to 7:00AM IST

💰 No Monetary Investment (FREE)

📍 Online (CFL Application, Zoom & YouTube)

Gratitude (Thankfulness) is a well known concept but only a few apply it because we don’t usually think of how deeply it can affect us. It is a powerful concept that makes people appreciate all the positive aspects in their life. It makes us feel more optimistic, enjoy everything life has to offer, improve our health, deal with adversities like depression, and build strong relationships. Moreover it offers us a perspective in life that can help us stay happy no matter our identity or circumstance.

Coach For Life (CFL) brings to you ‘The Magic’ Workshop - a 30 day journey that has transformed thousands of lives till date and continues to do so. A journey that will make you realise how much you already have that you don’t even acknowledge and how much you can get by simply being grateful.

So join us in our exploration of the book "The Magic" written by Rhonda Bryne together and unlock life-changing secrets and knowledge by learning all about Gratitude and how to apply it in our lives!

Why should You attend this Workshop ?

  • To understand the true meaning of Gratitude
  • To apply it in daily life by learning how to practice it properly
  • To see how much you have received all your life
  • To transform your health for the better
  • To improve your relationship with money
  • To make your relationships better with everyone
  • To explore the positive side of life
  • To overcome problems with anger and other negative feelings
  • To gain access to a happy and fulfilled life
  • And to transform every aspect of your life for the better!